VanDutch center Amsterdam

New exclusive dealership: VanDutch center Amsterdam!

Big news!!! Orange Yachting is setting sail for new heights of luxury and performance with the launch of our exclusive dealership with VanDutch Center Amsterdam. This partnership promises an exciting blend of style and innovation, allowing us to share our passion for yachts with you.

We will celebrate this milestone during the Master Summer Edition from June 20 to 22 at Hotel L’Europa, Amsterdam. Here we will present a VanDutch yacht so you can admire this beauty up close. VanDutch brings a new level of sophistication to the waters, with an impressive range of models. Check out our top selection:

VanDutch 32 – Good vibes only, always

The VanDutch 32 emphasizes the uniqueness of VanDutch family. On one hand, extending the range to the luxury tender segment while keeping innovation, performance, design and comfort as primary concerns.

VanDutch 40 – New refined comfort

Step aboard your VanDutch 40 and experience the excitement of unique styling defined by constantly evolving enhancements specifically designed to improve your comfort on board. These include an upgraded dashboard, cold-lacquered pieces of furniture, highly soundproofed and vibration-isolated interior.

VanDutch 48 – Surprise the world

VanDutch 48 represents the perfect balance between the other models in the VanDutch range. Its dimensions allow you to navigate easily and safely in any situation, guaranteeing plenty of space for relaxation on deck and below deck.

VanDutch 56 – The luxury of freedom

VanDutch 56 is the fourth model of the range. In terms of size, it stands between the 48 and 75 of the VanDutch range built by the Italian shipyard based in Forlì. VanDutch 56 is the synthesis of performance, design, and comfort. A boat capable of combining exclusivity with the highest made-in-Italy quality.

VanDutch 75 – Timeless style

The VanDutch 75 is a VanDutch is a more contemporary and Mediterranean look. The concept of the “Black and White” style with lacquered finish has been adapted through the use of a black and material essence that contrasts with the lighter, noble materials, such as the suede of the upholstery, the lacquer of the slats and the fabric of the ceiling covers.

Our yacht brokerage

At Orange Yachting, we are committed to taking your yachting experience to new heights. Interested in VanDutch? We are always available for questions, so feel free to get in touch.

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