Boot Düsseldorf 2024

Smooth sailing at Boot Düsseldorf 2024

What an incredible eight days it has been! Boot Düsseldorf truly exceeded our expectations, leaving us with a sea of memories to cherish. We can’t wait till the season starts again. Get ready to set sail on new adventures with Orange Yachting.


Pardo 38

This model is based on the latest technology, design, elegance, and quality you know from Pardo. This Pardo brings luxury and quality in every detail and has a spacious and practical interior. The sporty performance makes the Pardo 38 easy to navigate.

Pardo 43

The Pardo 43 was one of the show models at Boot Düsseldorf. This yacht is a true masterpiece, boasting a sleek design and cutting-edge features with a spacious deck, perfect for sun-soaked days. The luxurious cabins create ultimate comfort.

Pardo GT52

The Pardo GT52 has a master bedroom with a double bed, plenty of cupboard space, and a private bathroom with a separate shower. In the second sleeping cabin are two separate single bed and a bathroom. You can easily spend a few weeks in this all-in-one luxury experience.

A sea full of good times

A massive thank you to everyone who visited us and made Boot Düsseldorf a success again. Weren’t you able to come, don’t be sad. You can contact us at or call 071 200 1147.

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